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Custom Software
Wednesday April 24th, 2024   
Until almost ten years ago the majority of the software running inside computers was custom designed. Recently we have seen the increasing production of all-in-one packages that are supposed to be the solution for every need. We strongly believe that a custom solution is still the right choice:
  • It is remarkably more efficient
  • The procedures follow the reality faithfully
  • It has a faster learning curve
  • The system (and the cost) can be tuned to your own needs
According to Murphy's law, we know that even if after 20+ years we think we have dealt with every kind of problem, the next one will be totally new, and will force us to write new algorithms and to use new development tools. So, if you think that you need something very unusual, don't hesitate to contact us: we may find a solution.
The programming languages we use include C/C++, VB, Java, assembler, depending on the requirements and on development time. For online applications we believe that currently the best solution is developing under an AMP configuration (Apache / MySQL / PHP), unless particular aspects of the system require a different approach. Our portfolio includes many custom solutions, both for research and for B2C or B2B related companies. Some examples are:
  • Porting from existing applications based on a different system/platform
  • Specific encoding and validation algorithms
  • Special features, including Touch screen support, bar code reader, biometric user identification
  • Realtime 2D/3D Graphic simulations
  • Complete systems for the management of Public relations, Congresses, Security
  • Statistics and forecasting generators for atypical systems
  • Remote control for non-standard hardware devices
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