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Static Sites
Wednesday June 12th, 2024   
A static site is the classic website, focused mainly on providing information. Most of the Internet Community employs this solution, which is the most suitable when no particular requirements are involved.
Who may want to choose this solution? Someone who needs to put information online:
  • Stores
  • Hotels, Restaurants
  • Rental/Sales Agencies
  • Service Companies
  • Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Institutions
Design and hosting costs are lower compared to the dynamic solution, since there is no server-side programming and database access involved.
We let the client freely choose the design and contents unless explicitly requested.
A typical static website:

  • A Home page with your logo and other information
  • One or more pages with products or services
  • A navigation bar
  • A contact/feedback page
  • To enrich the site you may want to add:

  • Audio/Video (clips or realtime streaming)
  • Flash animations
  • DHTML/Javascript
  • Multilanguage Support
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