For some people a mountain with a ski-lift and
a restaurant is a Ski-Resort. For us it is
a mountain with a ski-lift and a restaurant.
Creative Concepts
Wednesday April 24th, 2024   
Art is everywhere - not only in music, painting, and poetry, but also in technology. Art is the way in which humans beings manipulate the elements, using the instruments that they have at their disposal.
Software is no exception.
There are three ways to assemble the same elements: The wrong way, which never gives the desired result; the standard way, which always brings the same result; and the artistic way, which respects the rules but still affords us creative freedom and the expression of our personalities.
There are two kinds of rules:
  • "real rules" that are dictated by Nature and cannot be changed. Mankind has developed science and built machines according to these rules.
  • "pseudo rules" that have been artificially created by people who need a specific procedure to do everything. Some large multinational companies have created these false rules, that very soon become obsolete.
We follow the first kind.
Art and Technology
We avoid "ready to use" tools as much as possible during the development stages. These products are made for "magic wand" developers in order to provide fast solutions of a generic type. This unfortunate habit stifles human creativity and slows the improvement of technology.
Even the smallest detail can make a difference, and this, to us, is extremely important.
We know how things work, and we always start from square one. This is why our products are always unique.
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